Vectr Merino L.C Full Length Sock

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Vectr Merino L.C Full Length Sock - GREY/GREY

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Anatomically designed to provide advanced plantar fascia and arch support, the Vectr Merino Light Cushion Full Length Sock leverages a unique X-LOCK support system to lock the foot in place and reduce blistering for your most comfortable run ever.


Garment Benefits

Boosts blood flow to muscles, improving performance, reducing risk of injury and speeding up recovery.
X-LOCK technology provides advanced arch and plantar fascia support and locks the foot in place within the sock to reduce blistering.
2.5mm light cushioning designed to cover all the bases for most activities with merino yarns to assist with breathability and temperature regulation while trail running in cold climates.
Engineered to conform to left and right structure of the foot for better fit.
Seamless wide toe box eliminates a key irritation point and promotes natural toe splay improving balance, alignment and comfort.
Moisture wicking yarns and zoned mesh ventilation areas keep your feet cool and dry.


Garment Featuresย 

1. Full length sock
2. Graduated compression for improved circulation
3. X-LOCK technology feature
4. Anatomical design
5. 2.5mm light cushioning
6. Merino yarns for improved temperature regulation
7. Anti-abrasion seamless toe construction
8. Zoned mesh ventilation for increased breathability

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For all garments except wetsuits:

  • Machine wash in cold water with like colours

  • Do NOT Tumble dry

  • Hang to dry in a cool shady area away from sun

  • Do not use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets

  • Do not iron

The below special care is required for your 2XU wetsuit:

When getting into and out of the wetsuit, step into the legs and pull the suit over the knee and up to the waist, being careful not to snag the high stretch materials with toe and fingernails. Insert arms into the sleeves until the suit covers the shoulders. Pull the gusset over the head (front entry suits only) and close the zipper. To get out of the suit, reverse the process, turning the suit inside out as you go. Wetsuit for surface activity only read instructions before use hand wash only drip line drying in shade do not iron do not bleach do not tumble dry do not dry clean.

Australia warning:ย  Our wetsuits are intended for surface activity only. The materials used are not suitable for diving. Materials used in this suit could cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. This product is not intended to provide the warmth and protection of a full wetsuit and does not carry a thermal rating to en14225-1:2017ย 

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