Team AngelWolf

Seeing anyone cross any finish line is a truly humbling experience. Faces with mile wide smiles, tears of pain and happiness, and waves of raw emotion that tell a million stories of ambition, grit and determination. So when a team comes along whose goal is to encourage people with disabilities to chase down their own finish lines, well, that is a race 2XU wants to be a part of. Everyone, This. Is. Team. AngelWolf.

With a philosophy of โ€˜Everyone is welcome. Everyone is equalโ€™, NFP foundation Team AngelWolfโ€™s ambition is simple - encourage the inclusion of people of determination (aka people with disabilities) in sport whilst inspiring the people of the world to embrace their own health and wellbeing. This ambition is something that cuts to the heart of Team AngelWolfโ€™s founders, The Watson Family.

When their youngest child, Rio (aka Angel) was diagnosed with 1Q44 Deletion De Novo, a condition that means he has trouble walking and communicates through sign language, The Watson family set out to ensure Rio leads a happy, healthy and fulfilled life whilst spreading awareness of their cause.

Through their participation events ranging from IRONMAN distance triathlons and World Record challenges to local sporting events and community walks, the โ€˜Wolfpackโ€™ are literally putting in the hard yards to make People of Determination* a symbol of strength in not just the UAE but around the world.

*In the United Arab Emirates, where Team AngleWolf are based, the term โ€˜disabledโ€™ has been replaced with โ€˜people of determinationโ€™ to reflect the belief that every person is equal and can achieve whatever they put their mind to.

The Watson family, aka โ€˜The WolfPackโ€™, is made up of Delphine (Mum), Nick (Dad) and their two incredible children, Tia (Little Wolf) and Rio (Angel). Working with families and individuals of all abilities in a welcoming, motivational and connected space, Team Angel Wolf promotes an inclusive, active life with People of Determination.